The end is near

The trip was nearing its end at this point, and we were so bummed to even think about it being over. Our time in Switzerland had been so unbelievable that we wanted to stay for a few more days to keep riding the high we were on. But, as we were heading to London, we still had one more night left to live it up!

I don't have many photos to share here, so this post will be a bit shorter and serve as my closing post for the trip.


We started our journey to the airport during rush hour, and finding a seat on any train was nearly impossible, unless it was on the ground - which seems pretty relaxing when you look at the locals doing it.

During our whole time in Switzerland, we would find the Bistro on each train because it was never crowded, we could grab ourselves a coffee, and it was quiet and clean...but not this time.

*Sharing a photo of Amanda  for the second time on this blog to show how great it was*

WHo would you trade with if we only traded ideas?

Occasionally, there are posters in airports that make you stop for a second and think. A lot of the time, it's some sort of photo or a place you want to visit, but every once in a while, there will be a quote or picture that is interesting to think on.

I often think about interviewing my grandma or Amanda's grandparents to hear about their lives, their stories, and the advice they can share. I thought the poster below was great—maybe I can write more about that one day.

If you could trade ideas with someone, who would you choose?

I think we got this traveling thing down

Oddly enough, travel was fairly simple from our hotel up in the mountains in Switzerland all the way to London. We had some trouble working the trains from the airport to our hotel upon arriving in London, but outside of that, there isn’t much to report about our travels. It took quite some time to get there, but it wasn't too difficult like it had been earlier in the trip. It only took 10 days and the last day of our trip to think we had this whole traveling thing down....

The London Marriott hotel County Hall

We stayed in the London Marriott Hotel County Hall, and just outside our window was the River Thames. Around the corner were Big Ben and the London Eye. The room was a great size, and the wallpaper was pretty unique, featuring a ton of Penguin Book classics.

We didn't get many more photos of the area, as we were in a rush to catch what we could in the city with the short amount of time we had left, but we loved it and want to go back again!


My brother mentioned that the Indian food in London is incredible, and we could not go to London without trying it. Amanda started her trip in London and went to the restaurant my brother recommended, Dishoom. She loved it so much that she made sure we went there when we arrived together. I am always willing to try new food, so I had to see what this place was all about.

I think it's fun to hear what people would want to eat if they could only eat one thing for the rest of their life. For me, BBQ chicken pizza with ranch dressing is that thing. However, that now has a contender because the Dishoom lentils + naan bread meal was unbelievable, and I honestly thought I could have that same meal forever. What a great way to end the trip!

And of course, one more for the ditch

If you read my last post, you know what that means!

We ended our trip by grabbing a drink with two of Amanda's friends, who were also heading home to LA from London the next day. We shared our stories, listened to theirs, and ended on a high note together!

Final thoughts?

And thats a wrap!

This was the first photo Amanda and I took together when I met up with her in Scotland. It feels right to wrap up the stories with the same photo we started with.

This trip is something I will think about for the rest of my life. It was so unbelievably fun, and I was stoked that Amanda and I got to experience it together. Our schedules are so busy at home that we often don’t catch up for days at a time, so having 10 days of uninterrupted conversations and time together was unbeatable.

This honeymoon was exactly what we had hoped for, and we wouldn't have traded it for anything. We loved it.

Now where to next!?