Trains? we don't do those in la. Buses? yeah, we don't do those either

do i already miss just sitting in traffic?

If you're familiar with LA transportation, you know that most of us simply drive and endure traffic wherever we go. If you're lucky enough to have a bus stop or train station nearby, then that's the best option, but it's tough to come by such luck out here. We love our cars.

Amanda and I knew that we'd have to rely on trains and buses for transportation throughout Switzerland, but first, we had to figure out how they all worked.

This was going to be a journey....

We Missed our first train, then met the swiss army

Well, we missed the first train to Bern that we knew we were going to have to take. We walked right passed the sign showing where the trains would be and were absolutely lost. Anxiously, we boarded a second train with Amanda's closet of a suitcase and my overly packed backpack, with several items swinging off and around the bag. With nowhere to sit on the first level of the train, we looked up to the second floor, where 20 members of the Swiss Army were sitting. I tried not to look clueless, but that was close to impossible, and the army wasted no time in helping us maneuver the luggage and finding us seats. We took up an entire section, and they were totally okay with it. I was so relieved when they helped us out.

And then our adventure to Adelboden began.

Train: zurch airport > Bern > Spiez > Frutigen | BUS: FRUTIGEN > ADELBODEN POST > HOTEL

No Cash, Late, and wait.... is that someone vomiting?

We made it to Frutigen at 9:25 pm and were rushing to catch the 9:30 pm bus.

9:27 pm - We loaded our luggage onto the trailer that the bus hauls, jumped on the bus filled with local commuters, and the bus driver stopped us, saying, "Sorry, cash only for tickets."

9:28 pm - We ran to the ATM, which had instructions only in German, and it wasn't working.

9:30 pm - We asked a local for help. He gladly lent us a hand, but he couldn't figure it out either.

9:31 pm: Stress was at an all-time high. I ran back to the bus driver and told her to go on without us and that we'd take the next one. I pulled off our luggage and walked back to the ATM. All the commuters were giving me quite the stare.

9:35 pm: A few minutes passed. The bus driver tapped me on the shoulder... she was still there! She told us she wouldn't leave us behind because the next bus wasn't for another hour, and she didn't want us to be stranded.

9:36 pm: The bus driver helped us figure out the ATM, we paid with our cards, and she had us sprint to the bus to throw our luggage back on. We found our seats, sat down, and sighed.

9:38 pm: "SPLASH"

We looked to our left, and the girl riding in the row next to us must have been car sick, had the stomach flu, or had too much to drink that night.

For the next 30 minutes, with 26 bus stops, we listened to that, but the relief of being on our last bit of transportation canceled out the noise.

We were almost there!


The stress of the day disappeared as we stepped into the Cambrian Hotel. The front desk surprised us with an upgrade to the highest floor and complimentary drinks for our honeymoon. Without hesitation, we dropped our luggage and enjoyed our drinks.

Because it was so late, we couldn't appreciate our upgraded view from our room. Our room itself was incredible. Little did we know what breathtaking views we would wake up to in the morning...that you will see in the next post.

Final thoughts?

Wow. A lot of thoughts here, but thank God for Amanda and the locals who were willing to help us. I look forward to the times we can assist someone trying to navigate the confusing areas of Los Angeles.

While it was a bit tough to figure out the trains and buses at night with all of our luggage, we appreciated how clean, neat, and comfortable everything was along the way. The weather wasn't too cold, we were in a great hotel, and we still had so much to celebrate. We were so stoked to be in such an incredible place. We made it to Switzerland!

Now, off to Jungfraujoch, the highest accessible point in Europe!