We'll keep it short and sweet

another awesome gondola, ANOTHER AWESOME VIEW

We hopped on another gondola to head up to Harder Kulm, the Top of Interlaken. This time, it was only a short, scenic gondola ride to the top of the mountain.

The wait for the gondola was a bit long, but it was totally worth it for the views and the opportunity to enjoy a nice bite.

At this point, we realized that Interlaken served as a hub for travelers. Whether they were tourists or commuters, everyone passed through Interlaken at some point, either to catch their trains or to explore the great city.

Do I need to say it? Yes, we highly recommend checking out Interlaken and Harder Kulm for yourself and staying nearby.


A trio I never thought I would put together.

Amanda and I sat for lunch and watched the paragliders and hang gliders while we tried some Swiss cheese fondue. That was one helluva smell walking into a restaurant with the scent of Swiss cheese, but we did it for the experience!

The beer was good and the views were great!

We got married here

Amanda and I knew we had quite the trek to get back to our hotel and needed to start packing for our departure to London the next morning. As we returned to Interlaken, it was a bit cold and rainy, so we thought a hot Baileys coffee would warm us up. While walking around the main street, we found a small coffee shop. We didn't even look at the name until we got close to the door to check their menu. It was called Tivoli!

Amanda and I got married at Tivoli Italian Gardens in Temecula, CA, so this was a must-stop before our trip back to Adelboden!

I don't expect you to watch the whole thing

In case you wanted to see what our normal trip back to the hotel looked like each day, I put together a timelapse for you with a few celeb shots of Amanda along the way.

Around 2 minutes and 14 seconds in, you'll see a little bit of Adelboden, the small village we stayed in.

Sleep is thirsty work so I will take one for the ditch

We decided to wrap up the day by having dinner and drinks back in Adelboden. We hadn't spent as much time in the town as we wanted to, so we thought we'd grab a drink at the hotel and find a nearby restaurant. Unfortunately, it was a Sunday and most places were closed, so we stayed at the hotel, enjoyed some food from the onsite restaurant, got to know the bartender, and he started making us his specialty drinks from Ireland. He also shared his favorite phrases from his college days: "Sleep is thirsty work" and "I will take one for the ditch." Taking one for the ditch is similar to a "nightcap" but much, much stronger!

I went ahead and took one for the ditch and added those quotes to my quote book

Final Thoughts?

Well, I don't know what to say... another perfect day in the books. We thought Interlaken was great!

We did want to try to head to Bern, but we knew if we did that, we would have gotten back a bit too late to pack for our trip to London the next day.

As we were nearing the end of our time in Switzerland, we both agreed that we could have added an extra day (maybe several extra days) to the trip.

All in all, a great day.

London, here we come!