She Left for our honeymoon without me....

Well, technically she did, but she didn't.

Amanda has to attend a wedding in Scotland and I have a work event I have to be at, both events happening on Saturday...THEN I am meeting her out there!

So as you know, Amanda and I tied the knot just over two months ago, and it was the best night ever. The venue (Tivoli Italian Gardens) was incredible, and Amanda looked absolutely stunning. A HUGE thank you to all our guests for making it an unforgettable day, to the amazing vendors who took care of us, and to @trueperspectivephotography for capturing every moment unbelievably well.

Scroll through some photos of the wedding day and for info about the honeymoon!

And now, off i go to meet her

on our honeymoon! I'll do my best to keep you all updated with our journey through this blog. As you know, no day in my life ever goes exactly as planned, but as long as we stay safe, we're ready for anything! Our journey begins in Edinburgh, Scotland, then we'll hop over to Ireland to see Dublin, Cork, and Galway. After that, it's off to Switzerland for a few days in Interlaken, before we wrap up our trip in London. Stay tuned for the stories and adventures to come!