Just before leaving for Dublin, the stomach ache that had started the day before peaked, which made me a bit worried about enjoying the city as much as I'd hoped. I figured it would pass, but it worsened as we rented our car and I had to drive through the downtown streets on the opposite side of the road. Thankfully, the discomfort began to fade when we found an amazing Mediterranean meal and enjoyed a beer at the Guinness Storehouse.

Church for a drink and fried chicken?

We decided to end the day a bit earlier since we had an early morning ahead, heading to Blarney, so we grabbed a drink and some dinner at The Church Bar. I wasted no time treating my stomach pain by enjoying a Bloody Mary, tater tots, and a fried chicken sandwich.

In case you were wondering... not the best approach to recovery.

Pancakes, Smoothies, coffee, and a drug deal?

Amanda and I kicked off the morning bright and early, making our way to a cozy pancake house in the city. With newfound energy and no stomach pain to worry about, we looked forward to a day free from driving the downtown Dublin streets.

As we enjoyed our pancakes, smoothies, and coffee, we glanced out the window to see a group of people exchanging small white bags that looked like the snapper fireworks we'd toss as kids. They even watched us watch them, and they were totally cool with it! Total professionals.

Needless to say, their Tuesday morning started off with a bang!

Final thoughts?

Dublin was such a cool city, but it was a bit tough to manage with our car and the stomach pain! Amanda and I were stoked we got to see the great parts of the town, but we were looking forward to the open space to come in Cork, Cobh, and Blarney!