It can't get much better than this

Dublin proved to be quite the adventure, but we were ready to hit the road early and head South. I'll spare you the extra details of the stomach pain, but I was feeling much better by this point. Amanda, as always, was doing great.

Our journey to Cobh was filled with plans to grab some coffee along the way, check out the views, see the charming homes, visit Titanic's final port, and of course, have a few more pints. Five off-ramps later of closed coffee shops, endless roundabouts, and not-so-ideal parking, I started to get a bit anxious and decided to head straight to the hotel. Thank god we did!

A large order of mushrooms and a side of relief

We arrived at the Blarney Woolen Mills hotel, where its quaint and quiet area completely exceeded our expectations. It was absolutely incredible and much more our vibe. Tucked into this small village with restaurants, pubs, and shops nearby, the hotel is connected to a nice pub/restaurant, a wool shop, two coffee shops, and a food hall. Across the street is the entrance to Blarney Castle, where, of course, we gave the Blarney Stone a big ole kiss on the lips... for good luck, of course.

The Blarney Woolen Mill hotel was exactly what we were looking for, and if I were to recommend a hotel on this trip, this would be one of them. Because of this, we decided to stay in Blarney and not head in to Cobh.

If you decide to visit here and if you're a mushroom lover, order breakfast from the food hall and get the mushroom meal. I promise it won't let you down.


We managed to tackle a solid load of laundry using just a few laundry detergent sheets and a bathtub filled with water. The drying process was quite remarkable, to say the least.

The Blarney Castle

We crossed the street to explore Blarney Castle. I remember visiting here with my family a few years ago and it was freezing and windy. Today, the weather was perfect for the adventure!

kissing the blarney stone

"Legend has it that if you climb to the top of the castle wall, and bend over backwards, to hang virtually upside-down, in order to reach to kiss the Blarney Stone, you will gain the 'Gift of the Gab'. The power of persuasion"

Patiently waiting for this Gift of the Gab to kick in...

final thoughts?

We would absolutely visit Blarney again. We wish we had more time to explore the village, but we felt this was such a good reset after it had been a bit hectic the last few days. I hope we get a chance to return and spend an extra day in town. We thought it was great all around!

Now off to Galway!